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Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:California, United States of America
Who's gonna help me file my claim?: Dixie Cousins: singer, entertainer, con-woman, former novice nun and all-around soft-hearted bad girl gone good.

Physical characteristics: Dixie is blonde, about 5'7" in boots, with long blond hair set in ringlets. She's got green eyes and a droll way of speaking. She's adapted fairly quickly to modern dress and can often be seen in clothing that combine the flatteringly feminine and the flirtatiously revealing.

Dixie's also the sort of girl who can hold her own in a fight. She's more likely to grab a vase and bop you over the head with it, but she's one hell of a hand-to-hand combattant.

Behavioral: Dixie can be coquettish, and she is fond of a double-entandre, but she's solidly, firmly in love with Brisco. No other man can quite compare to him. She feels like she's playing the waiting game with him; waiting for him to finish his business with the Bly gang, waiting for him to settle down. Just WAITING. And Dixe's not the sort of girl who waits for long.

She's street-smart, but her refined manners cover for that nicely. She has a surprising soft spot for children and can get along with almost anyone. Particularly if they're a fan of her work.


Milliways_Bar: Dixie enters the game post-Brisco in Jalisco. For further details, see Her Milliwki entry.

In-Game Canon

Past Events: Will add when she has some

Current Adventures: Will add when she has some

Milliways: Please track her Milliwiki entry for plot developments.

Fun Stuff

Dixie Cousins is from The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., and is the property of Fox. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

This is a not-for-profit roleplaying journal, maintained in part for the RPGs [info]move_the_hand and [info]milliways_bar, obviously not affiliated with any official bodies connected to the production of The The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Dixie is the property of Fox, and no infringement of copyrights is intended. All PBS created from caps made by [info]gypsyjr or tracked down through Corbis. Journal proudly munned by [info]mm_missy. See contact info here and there to get in touch.

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